I would like to join a team which gives me the opportunity to learn even more than I already know, giving me the chance to evolve into a true media professional and surround myself with fun, creative, and smart people who like to compete with the best. I am open to all new experiences and opportunities as long as I can do what I am good at and can be myself. Making a living out of this is my goal.


MBO Interactief Vormgeven. Media college Amsterdam


In this Educational period I learned the basics of the Adobe packages.
it was more a Design education with focus on Creativity.
the subject material wasn't so profound so I had to be very independent to learn the coding languages I wanted to learn

MBO DTP Prepress. Grafisch lyceum Amsterdam


In this Educational period I learned allot of DTP-prepress and the preparation of files for Print,
things like business cards and magazines.

Vmbo Grafisch basis Willemblaue Alkmaar


This was my first graphical Education and it was pleasant and fun.
I found out which direction I want to go within the graphical industry.



Dutch, English, HTML, CSS-2.0/3.0, ActionScript 3.0, *PHP/MYSQL, *Jquerry, *Javascript
* = Read-only


Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign, Premiere, AfterEffects


[Freelance] RICKYROBOT.com

(12 Months)

This is where is stand now: I'm trying to fill my portfolio with cool projects,
always keep learning and stay up-to-date with the latest web techniques.
creating one of a kind websites for my clients, designing flyers
or adjusting websites so they improve in googles rank system.

[Video-editor/Designer] Connecting the scene. PP2G.COM

(6 Months)

This was my last trainee period, and the best I have done.
I have learned the basics of Video editing and had allot of fun Filming, editing, and designing.

[Front-end Designer] Trefnet

(1.5 Months)

This trainee period was informative but not the greatest thing I did
but they experienced my work positive.
I did allot of Front-end work and I liked it.

[SEO] Direct Impulse

(3 Weeks)

This wasn't a trainee period but a vacation job.
it was fun and informative.
I did the SEO of the company with guidance of the boss,
he learned me allot of how SEO works and I saw the results.

[DTP-PrePress] VanKetel drukkerij

(12 Months)

This was a Trainee period of the DTP Education.
I was working in a big printing company that did almost everything.
it was a long Trainee so i did all kinds of work to learn as much as possible.


: Ricky Mosselman.

: 26-02-1988

: Web-design/development, Sports, Drawing, Video Games, Movies, partying

: Searching a cool Job and catch up with my friends.

: Single

: Soccer, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Crossfit.